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           Make sure you watch the military personal while  they are checking your suitcases and tool boxes, get out, lock the doors, then only open one door at the time!!!.
  • Cellular Service in Baja

    "Baja Cellular" coverage casy the same for Baja Celular and TelCel

    If you take your phone with you, make sure to call your provider and ask if they have a recipical with either Baja Celular (Baja only) or TelCel (all of Mexico), if so tell them that you want your phone unblocked for Mexico so you can roam and use it.
    You also can get your digital or any other Cel-phone activated in Baja for very litle and can than use and buy prepaid cards to use it in Baja. (Most phones can be activated for 2 services.) If you have prepaid service in the US or Baja it will only work in the country were you did activate it.


  • Cellular: Baja-Celular Cellular Phone Service,Tel. 011 (52) (664) 684-85-20. Zona Río, Paseo de los Héroes 9116, coverage map for bajacelular
  • Cellular: Telcel,  Cellular Phone Service. Tel. 011-(52)(664) 663-3300. Our regular rates are:Daily roming $ 3.00 Us, air time minute $ 0.90 Us

  • Celluar phone service,Mac de Ensenada, Tel (646) 174-0412, Blvd. Costere #609 Suite 6Z.
  • Celluar phone service, ISA Ensenada, Tel. (646) 177-2940, Plaza las Palmas Calle 4a, # 2063 Suite 109. ISA has service in Ensenada, San Quintin, Tj, & Mexicali.

  • Cabonet,Internet & Computer Parts & Services, Tel. (614) 143-01-20 & 143-17-56, Fax 143-07-78, Sistemas Operativos Del Cabo SA de CV, Agent for TelcelCellular Phones,  Lázaro Cárdenas s/n suite 6B,  Col. El Mèdano. In front of the Pemex. In San Jose del Cabo, Tel/Fax (614) 142-2300. Hwy 1 ,  Km 32.5,   Col. Santa Rosa (in front of the Super Plaza) Suite 3.
  • Editors remark:
    On some places north and south of Santa Rosalia you can access the roamer from Guaymas or Obregon if you have a free line of site to it, (only if you have original or recipical service with TelCel).

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