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  •        Make sure you watch the military personal while  they are checking your suitcases and tool boxes, get out, lock the doors, then only open one door at the time!!!.
    Use of the left turn indicator & flashing of headlight's on Hwy1
    There is a driving custom in Mexico which first-time visitors should be aware of. The use of the left turn indicator has at least three meanings.
    First, the traditional indication for a pending left-hand turn is used, usually in conjunction with a slowing of the vehicle and a flashing of the brake lights. 
    A second, and possibly more common use, is to indicate that the "leading vehicle" considers it safe for the "following vehicle" to pass. This is extremely dangerous in the situation where the leading vehicle really intends to turn left, and the following vehicle interprets that it is OK to pass. If the vehicle ahead flashes it's left turn signal, check for possible left turn points and pass only if there are no places this vehicle could possibly turn into. When a Mexican driver is going to turn left, there will often be some arm-waving and a movement of the vehicle into the other lane (if that lane is empty) - this allows you to pass by in your regular lane. If you intend turning left, and there are following vehicles, then slow down and have your brake lights on when you activate the turn indicator. For good measure, open the window and use a hand signal as well.
    The 3rd way is actually the most important use on the Baja Hwy. It is a greeting and courtesy under frequent users of the road. During the day you can flash your headlight's for a second (not more then once!!!!) insted. This is a very important custom since it makes a bond with the "oncoming" vehicle and you will be given as much room as possible, you are considerate an "Amigo" ! Only the Semis, Buses and big trucks will understand you!! But if you are driving an RV Rig and maybe towing a boat, those are the guys you want to be nice to you!! There is also a danger flash of headlight's, if you want to pass a car and there is an "oncoming" car far ahead and flashes his Headlight's then he thinks you can not make it and gives you a warning to be careful!!
    There is one more important custom on the Road. 

    If you passed an accident, Cow's or other animals on or on the side of the road, an obstruction, broken down car, etc. you will flash your Emergency light's for about a 1 mile so the "oncoming" Vehicle driver knows that there is danger ahead for him and he has to be careful.
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