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           Make sure you watch the military personal while  they are checking your suitcases and tool boxes, get out, lock the doors, then only open one door at the time!!!.
  • Internet  
    High Speed 2-Way Satellite
                Internet connection in larger City's like La Paz and Ensenada etc. and in  the small cities in Baja is possible, if they are conected to a fiber optic system.  It takes about 1-2 minutes to set up a connection, connections may drop off or stall, Telnor in Ensenada is famos for that.
    Cyber cafes now are plentyful and only charge from 10 - 30 pesos per hour,
    Note: most Internet Cafe's also act as a ISP or agent for an ISP, check the local City Bussiness sections for Internet Cafe's
    Most Internet cafes will charge you up to US$5 to use your laptop, use your Laptop from a friends house or a hotel.

    Note: Telmex did install a fiberoptic cabel along the Hwy. from Sta. Rosalia to Cabo, once that is connected we may get better and faster Service.

    Mulege is now on the fiber optic cable with touch tone dialing, connecting is still slow but once connected you have a 33k to 56 k speed .
    Toll charges:  there is a flat rate toll for all of Mexico its about 25cts US per minute. If you have a residential line, Telmex gives you a 50% discount from 8pm to 8am and Sundays. If you sign up for a savings plan like "Ahore con Lada" you get an additional discount of 20% if your bill is over N$ 150 and 25% if your bill is over N$ 500. (pesos). Like in the US there are different telephone companies here now in the bigger cities and you have to do some shopping around. In the TelNor City's you now have no more metered local calls, the 1st 100 are free and than $1.39 pesos p/call (same at TelMex).

    Internet Servers for Baja, Prices are in Mexican Pesos.      (TelMex) Tel. 01 800 123 2222, will have local access numbers in all Mexican cities soon???. To get a contract you have to provide a Telmex Phone Number to be charged to. 1st month is free, there after it is 235 Peso/month unless you are on a "AHORE CON LADA" savings plane than it is only 178 Peso/month . Access is unlimited, there is no per minute charge. The Phone owner has 100 local calls free, no matter how long, after that he gets charged about 1.5 pesos per call extra. They do have english speaking operators on request most of the time. As strange as it may sound, the Central for Prodigy is in Tijuana.
    Prodigy Access Numbers: Cabo San Lucas 145-6060, La Paz 123-9222, C
    San Jose del Cabo 142-9222, Mulege, Loreto and Sta. Rosalia now also have local acces numbers.

    Tel-Nor-Net, Tel. 01 800 025 25 25,  then 4, then 2. ISP. ask for Rafael. You have to give a Tel.#, served by TelNor, for the fee's to be charged to.
    Local Access Numbers are in: San Quintin 165-3420, Ensenada 176-3301, Tijuana 684-2626, Tecate 654-5020, Mexicali 553-4262, San Felipe 577-1420, Punta Banda 154-0303, Rosarito Beach 612-1011, San Luis de Colorado 653-6700, Baja Mar 155-4242., Click here for the "latest?" list of access numbers.

  • Internet access now affordable in TelNor/Mex Country.
    updated on 2-06 03 by:Jens D Kolbowski
    High Speed 2-Way Satellite

    As of Oct.1 2000 TelNor dropped the per minute charge of the telephone use. Now you have 100 free local calls with no time restriction, additional calls cost $1.49 pesos.

    For the super user it is best to order a 2nd phone line as they give you a 50% discount on that and the per month rent charge is only $140 pesos. Before I paid $180 pesos for a 10 hour use of the phone for Internet access with out being charged the per minute use. A 2nd line installation cost about $800 pesos and is now done in 1 to 3 weeks time.

    Also for about 900 pesos you can get Turbo Prodigy at 128 kb installed, the monthly charge for unlimited service is 399 pesos plus 1.49 for every call or connection over 200 per month. At some areas in larger towns, now even DSL service is available, check with your local Telnor or Telmex office.

    Wireless Internet service & Cable acces is available in Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada, wireless in Ensenada it is Baja-Wireless

    For the Guys who wants to have fast downloads now can get themselves a DirecWay Satellite System and subscribe to there new family plan of unlimited service for $39.95 US. (You still need a phone line to command the downloads unless you op for the 2way system at $59.95/month) You will have up to 1,400kb/sec downloads and providing you have Windows 98 2nd edition or better installed you also can have Internet sharing and hook up several computers in your home or office. I myself used DirecPC for many years in my Mulege Store and in my place in Ensenada and would not like to be without it, I even did use it with my C-Band satellite Dish as it works of the KU band. If interested call (619-426-2026) or e-mail me.

    I now use the Direc2way Satellite system in Ensenada, normally the system has to be ordered and installed by an FCC licensed Technician in the US, the system than can be transplanted to Baja, if interested sent me an e-mail to

    Jens Kolbowski is a Internet and Computer consultant with GCR Desarrollos & Wireless of Ensenada and Owner of and there affiliated web-sites like .Tel. (646) 172-2486 e-mail

    Note: Phone dialing system to change in Mexico. Since November 17, 2001 all phone in numbers in Mexico will be changed to a similar  system as in the US. Most area codes will be 3 digit (except a few big cities like Mexico, Guadalajara, etc. will have 2 + 8 local digits) and most local numbers will be 7 digits xxx-xxxx as in the US. Like (664) 684-2626 will be a number for Tijuana . Like (661)  612-1011 is a number for Rosarito dailed from Tj

  • Compuserve in Mexico
    01-800-720-0000, surcharge is US$ 15.00 / hour
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