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  •        Make sure you watch the military personal while  they are checking your suitcases and tool boxes, get out, lock the doors, then only open one door at the time!!!.
    Everybody travelling in baja 
    take a spanish dictionary with you, english is not spoken everywhere, especially not in remote areas. Recommend "Reisewörterbuch Spanisch" from Pons or Klett. 
    We recomend to get a annual insurance for mexico,
    if traveling longer than 3 weeks and save a lot of money and get more services for your money! (Some Insurerance Companies include in there anual insurance: towing, legal aid, parts shipping cost ect). After about 3 weeks the price of daily or anual insurance is the same, after abt. 26 days you pay more at the daily rate and get less services. 
    Don´t stay alone when parking overnight. 
    Always look for other RV´s, cars and people. We had several reports on single RV´s being attacked during the night south of San Quintin and Punta Arena near San Jose del Cabo (there are many Pt Arenas in Baja). Windows were knocked in and tires were cut with knives, people were forced to give there money. 
    Only use a small amount of your money in traveller cheques
    because it´s a problem having them changed. We were lucky in Ensenada, Loreto, La Paz and Cabo. The Bank in Loreto offered best exchange rates and no fees ! Pay with Pesos you are better off!! 
    A few miles north of Colonia Guerrero, San Quintin there is a new and bilangual tourist info at the right hand side traveling south. 
    Take an extra can of gasoline 
    (Benzin), a good spare Tire (Reifen), a jack (Wagenheber) and nut-drivers (Schraubensclüssel/Werkzeuge) with you. Always try to get the latest news on the campgrounds and the prices, exchange rates and fuel price. 
    **** Other staff you may or may not find on my other pages ***
    *************** RV Parks and Campgrounds **************
    San Quintin: El Pabellon has the second bath house in operation
    Catavina: RV Park is charging $4.00USD for overnight parking, although facilities are out of order
    Guerrero Negro: Malarimmo RV Park charges $10.00USD having very nice facilities
    San Ignacio: Martin Quezada RV Park charges $2.00USD. Turn left before La Pinta Hotel
    Santa Rosalia: San Lucas Cove, 6 miles south of town on the beach, hot showers, $6.00USD per night
    Punta Arena:Bahia Concepcion, Playa Los Naranjos, km 119, $3.00USD per night, $5.00USD with palapa (beach house), clean showers and flush toilets, no electricity, very good restaurant.
    Playa Santispac, km 114, min. facilities, no showers, nice beach, $5.00USD per night
    Playa El Requeson, km 92.5, no facilities, $2.00USD per night, dirty pit toilets, one of the most beautiful beaches on baja
    Todos Santos: San Pedrito RV Park, $15.00USD per night, located 4 miles south of Todos Santos on the beach, features full hookups, nice facilities, hot showers, pool, laundry and restaurant.
    Playa los Cerritos, $4.00USD with sewer and water per night, $2.00USD without hookup at the beach per night, no electricity, 7.5 miles south of Todos Santos on the beach, cold showers and flush toilet, one of the most beautiful beaches on baja !
    km 98, abandoned goverment Park, $4.00USD per night
    San Jose del Cabo: Brisa del Mar RV Park, 2 miles southwest of town, full hookups, pool, laundry, hot showers, restaurant, beach front. $18.00USD no beach front, $25.00USD beach front per night.
    Los Barriles: Martin Verdungo´s Hotel + RV Park, full hookups, electricity, hot showers, pool and bar at beach front, very windy in winter, especially for wind surfers, $11.00USD per hight. Nearby surf rental:
    La Paz: Casa Blanca RV Park, full hookups, coin operated laundry, $15.00USD per night

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