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  •        Make sure you watch the military personal while  they are checking your suitcases and tool boxes, get out, lock the doors, then only open one door at the time!!!.
    DSS TV in BCS  Buy / bring,  only an RCA or RCA type system!

    If you like to have TV, that's the way to go, but for some locations in Baja Sur you will need a bigger Dish! (see below) Now the bad news:

    DirectTV now has bad reception in Mulege and ever worth in Loreto, you get about 1/2 or less of your channels with a 1 meter (39 inch) Dish, as far as the reception of Direct TV and and Dish Network, there definitely is a whole in the reception in Mulegé and in Loreto. I have other reports that the reception is good in La Paz and Cabo. I did bring this up in a International Sat Forum and was told by the operators of the systems that that is a phasing problem, but they do not care, as legally they can not sell service to Mexico. Most Gringos in Loreto now use a Canadian Sat system that works fine there, there is a Lady in Loreto that can set you up, ask around for her. In Mulegé the reception is halfway, about 30-40%, good for DirecTV and almost impossible for DishNetwork unless you use a bigger dish. At my store in Mulegé, my demo signal gave up, I used a 5ft dish, after about 1 year after DishNetwork started, so I have to Use C Band, for my own use. It is strange as we can get a 80 signal on Direc2way systems in Mulegé, but that is on SatMex5.

    Dish-Network, Echostar DSS system will also not work good in in Mulege and Loreto. Some clients report to have a decent DishNetwork reception with a 1.2 meter Offset Dish at Conception bay.

    For DirecTV in Mulege or Loreto, You need a 1.8 meter (6ft) or better offset dish, those dishes can be bought from Winegard in the US. Problem is the cost, the wholesale price from the factory is $630 plus over $120 for freight, for this reason no jobber/dealer is buying them as they have to buy by truck load and there is no market for that, as the end user price comes close to $1,000 and even more if you add the Import duty to Mexico to it. I am looking for a cheaper source but so far have not found one for an offset dish.

    My advice: If you think of using a DSS TV Satellite system for Baja, buy RCA, or a RCA type system, like GE, Panasonic, etc. try to stay away from Sony, Sony is very good but the LNB is difficult to adapt to a bigger dish, (most of the 39" by PanSat ) it needs altering several parts while the others adapt very easy to a bigger Dish, 99 % of my clients do it themselves. You can use a Sony if you buy a RCA type LNB that can be installed in a 39" Dish.
    Jens ( "El Aleman", Mulege, B.C.S.)

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