John Anglin's striped marlin, caught off Cabo San Lucas, weighed almost as much as our cartop boat
Photo by Walt Peterson
The waters around Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of the peninsula provide among the finest marlin fishing in the world, and you have an excellent chance of catching one, even if your boat is only a small cartopper or an inflatable. The coast from Cabo San Lucas to Bahía de la Ventana remains one of the most productive sports fisheries on the globe, with catches of enough blue marlin, dolphinfish, and sailfish to keep the campfire stories going on for years-in one year, fishermen were complaining that hordes of dolphinfish and sailfish made it difficult to catch blue marlin in the Bahía las Palmas area! Punta Arena de la Ventana and Ensenada Muertos are the finest roosterfish grounds anywhere, and the channel between Ventana and Isla Cerralvo has excellent fishing for striped marlin, wahoo, sailfish, and dolphinfish.

Walt and Reeve Peterson show off their yellowtail
Photo by Perry Studt


There is fine fishing elsewhere. The warm months bring dolphinfish, the perfect game fish, to the Loreto area, and they are readily accessible. The California yellowtail is one of the most abundant and popular gamefish in Baja's Pacific and Cortez waters. As the northern Cortez cools down in winter, yellows head south, leaving Bahía Gonzaga and showing up at Santa Rosalía, then Mulegé and so on, and in summer the migration is reversed. Those who arrive on the scene of this migrating horde, by luck or design, will be treated to some fantastic fishing. There are many other locations that seasonally offer fine fishing for those with access to boats: the San Quintín area, Bahía de los Angeles, the seamounts that dot the Pacific coast, the Bahía Magdalena area, and others. For those who prefer beach-casting, the great sweep of Pacific beaches between El Rosario and Guerrero Negro, and between Bahía Tortugas and Bahía Magdalena, especially the outer beaches of the islands forming the latter bay, can be outstanding, and there are places where dolphinfish, marlin, and yellowfin tuna have been caught from shore.

by:Walt Peterson ©

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