All beaches along the Bay of Concepcion are great at this time
of the year for any type of water sports, diving, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing and swimming.

Bahía Concepción is located 280 km south of Guerrero Negro and 445 km north of La Paz on the Transpeninsular Highway. The bay is aproximately 43km long. It can be reached by plane to the International Airport of Loreto 77 km to the south, to the National Airport of Palo Verde 35 km to the north or to the airstrip of Mulegé.


In the past, in a period not yet determined, Bahía Concepción was inhabited by a tribe or human groups that appreciated the beauty of the region. There are testimonies of their stay in the remains left from their culture in petroglyphs and ideographic writing carved on the rocks on the mountains. 


Parting from Mulegé to the south the coastline suddenly tears apart and gives a huge turn on itself. It is Bahía Concepción which is considered one of the most beautiful in America. The Transpeninsular Highway borders it offering a wonderful scenic view of the sierra with its deep reefs and the desert which alternate with many inlets of white sandy beaches each one as pretty as the others: Pt Arena, Santispak, La Posada Concepción, Los Cocos, El Burro, El Coyote, Buenaventura, El Requesón and Armenta, which are some of the ones that arouse the admiration of all who have the priviledge to arrive to this region.

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Swimming. Aquatic Sports such as, water ski, sailing, diving, sports fishing. Camping. Ecological tours. 


Visit Bahía Concepción. Take film or photographs, explore its beaches and isles, live it. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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