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courtesy Jens, & Rick Barber
Well the weather is still acting up but we're getting sproadic days of excellent weather and sea conditions.  The best news, however, is that the larger Jurel (Yellowtail) are abundant if you have live bait.  Boats are going out early just off the lighthouse at the entrance to the harbor or off Punta Chivato to pick up mackrel or "Big Eye's" for bait.
Once the bait is aboard, the boats are heading northwest of the northern island of Santa Inez (look for other boats around "structure") in about 70 to 160 feet of water.  Another hot spot is south of Punta Concepcion off "The Mine", in 75 to 200 feet of water.  Both spots are yielding 'tails in the 30's (30 to 40 lbs.).  Yo-yoing also works if you can't locate the bait.
Some of the guys are trolling MirroLures with some success but the bait guys are the ones bringing home the bacon.  One of the local guides told me that his party had to quit because they were too tired!  Score: 7 'tails, all over 30 lbs.!!!
Cabrilla are always available as are Triggerfish and we're still catching a few Baracuda ("slimers") ... but not intentionally!!!
That's about it.  Come on down.  If the weather cooperates, you'll go home with a full ice chest and some very tired muscles!
  Rick Barber  -  XE2/WB6EZI 
       Live where you Play !!!      
       Mulegé, BCS,  Mexico   
Mulegé Area normal migration of fish are as follows:
Bonita (white): Apr.-Aug.
Cabrilla: All year; closer to shore in the winter
Dorado: May - Nov
Grouper: All year; bottom fishing with bait
Halibut: All year; seldom fished
Jack Crevalle: Dec. - Apr.
Marlin: June - Sept
Pargo: Nov. - April
Pompano: May - Sept
Red Snapper: All year; bait or yo-yo
Roosterfish: Mar - Sept; a few in winter months
Sailfish: June - Sept Sierra: Oct. - May; plentiful
Skip Jack: Dec. - Mar
Squid: All year
Triggerfish: All year; plentiful
Yellowfin Tuna: July - Dec.; scarce the last few years
Yellowtail: Nov - Apr
Wahoo: June - Sept, scarce
Live bait avaible by order only Best lures: Rapala Bomber Micro lure, Darts and Salas Jigs for yo-yo fishing generally feathers used on warm water fish.
Compiled by: Martin Robinson, Oasis Trailer Park.
Readers fishing report:
by: "Kathy Edwards"
Just returned to Ca. Not to much action in the day light hours. Lot of small yellow tails (1 -2 #) some caught on feathers--best fishing after dark --- good size pargo and reds at Santa Inez.--after dark --- Macks are best, but cut baits are working also-small pin head sardines  around light house. Good mackerel in back of gun boat in front of "Alemaje Restaurant" Now renamed "El Patron" Use a cast net ( illegal) to get live bait t-- (chum with cat food --mac flavor) to bring up. Day time fishing is next to a zero --- Rig your boat for a light (battery and 12 volt bulb ) Some Dorado (small) on Hootches. A lot of Cochitos at the river mouth and towards south a few hundred feet. Not to much wind in the early hours--Blows pretty good after !:00 PM--some times a couple of hours before the 1 o'clock --- Just watch the weather change -- (winds) Could not find the shrimp --the hurricane drove them to other parts-- langustas the same-- some good claming (4 " size) 8' water south side of CORTEZ. East shore south of the point, and south fish camp. If you see a Mexican truck (white) Most likely the Game Warden, Just splash around in the water like you are swimming.-- works for me.
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