Pt. ChivatoShell Beach property

Architect's view for Shell Beach
The soft sandy beach lots are about 2 miles SW from the Pt Chivato Hotel


Located approximately 600 miles south of San Diego near the town of Mulege, this newly acquired private, none Ejido, development sits 2 miles SW to the beautiful Pt Chivato Hotel on the shell beach. 

The property overlooks the Bay of Conception and offers breathtaking views of miles of deserted beaches and rugged mountains. No matter what the wind is doing, the fun keeps going with mountain bikes, sea kayaks, volleyball, snorkeling, desert golf and fishing charters. The water of the bay reflects intense blue sky, a pod of dolphins glides lazily by, so close to the diners on the patio of the Hotel Punta Chivato that they can hear the soft whosh as each takes his turn surfacing for a quick breath. Aside from the icy Margarita and the freshly-caught seabass on the luncheon plate, the setting itself challenges any visitor to this remote point jutting into the Sea of Cortez to come up with another spot offering so much natural beauty and ambiance. Sand beaches invite shelling while extensive tide pools and rocky reefs teeming with the vivid colors of tropical fish beg beachcombers and snorkelers alike to come and explore.

Any foreigner may invest in property in Mexico through a bank trust or fideicomiso, the equivalent of an American beneficial trust. For more info on ownership click here.

Location: 600 ft sw from the T at the  new road at F5 on this map

Standard lot size is 20x30 mtr (65ft x 95ft)
for  info contact:
Patricia Kooren
(408) 492-1119
Miguel Gonzalez V.
Santa Rosalia
011 52 (1) 152-0945
or E-mail
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