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La Paz, Baja Sur area;  Legal info, read me
Vacation rentals

Cabanas from $ 39, B & B $ 59
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Telephone (949) 586-3535. E-mail:
Built in 1995 / 2100 sq. ft / 3 car garage / steps to beach. $394,000.

Tel. 011-52 (112) 5-8807 * 011-52 (112) 5-1080. New 3 bedrooms / 2 1/2 bathrooms / 1175 sq. ft. / complete kitchen / 2 car garage. $68,900. Contact: Blanca or Veronica.


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La Concha Beach Resort
Offers 119 air-conditioned rooms and luxury condos with view of the Bay of La Paz.

OPTION # 1 $231.00 Plus Tax. Total rental on a 1-bedroom, 2-bath fully furnished Condominium that accommodates up to 4 people comfortably.
OPTION # 2 For an additional $88.00 per person, take advantage of our all-inclusive program: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Soft Drinks, Tea & Coffee plus transportation to and from La Paz Airport.
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Las Arenas Resort
Image the outer islands of Hawaii 30 years ago, calm, clear water, fabulous snorkeling just steps from 40 ocean suites.
$249 p.p./dbl. occ, 5 days/4 nights

1-888-644-7376 or

Information on leasing or acquiring property or doing business in B.C.S. Mexico 
Business opportunity´s
In order to doing any business or selling in Baja Mexico, you have to be mexican or open a mexican Corporation ( S.A. ) (cost ca $ 600-$ 1200, best done in Ensenada or La Paz). The 4 officers do not have to be Mexican. After  you register the Corporation with the Hacienda (Mex. IRS), you will be able to get a "FM3 Lucrativo" (work permit) from the Immigration.
Leasing PropertiesProperties with the right of possession and or clear title can be leased for different lengths of time. But never more than 9 years and 11 months renewable up to   9   times upon Lessor and Lessee agreement. These are normally paid to Lessor annually and differ as to various properties. Terms and conditions or lease vary as to properties leased. Some properties have right of use and possession, but do not as of yet have clear title. The right of possession may be leased for up to 9 years and 11 months, renewable 9 times, this is a prepaid lease. In some contracts, Lessee has the right to convert said lease to a Bank Trust at such time as the government issues a clear title. Choice of time of conversion and Bank used is at Lessee, s discretion. The primary importance is that any and all contracts are legal by Mexican law, all these contracts also must be in Spanish. These can have a Certification of Signature by a Public Notary, but is not necessary. 
Buying with Bank Trust (Fideicomiso)
These can be acquired on properties that have clear titles (Fee Title) and in various subdivisions. The approx. origination cost is $3,000 this depends on the Bank used. The approx. annual charge is $400 U.S. again depending on the Bank used. What this means is the Bank holds your title guaranteeing you title for 50 years. At the end of 50 years the name on the title is to be changed. You can sell, will or lease this property. Taxes are very low in Mexico on property. also a non Mexican resident has as much right in court of 1aw as a Mexican National. This we have seen ourselves. The primary importance is that any and all contracts are legal by Mexican law, these contracts also must be in Spanish. We have a licensed Legal Translator in our staff. All of our contracts are written in English and then translated into Spanish.  
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