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    Tecate scene
    Tecate’s Anniversary Festivities, October 1-12 – The community of Tecate will celebrate it’s anniversary with 12 days of cultural festivities, including musical and dance performances and art exhibits.  For additional information, please call Professor Ermilio Sandoval at 011 52(665)654-1319.

    July 19 2003
    The Tecate Brewery

    For travelers from the American side, the trip began when they boarded buses at the Santa Fee Depot, downtown San Diego, via the San Ysidro .  For travelers from the Mexican side, buses did pick them up at the Grand Baja Hotel driving the toll road to TECATE . The sky was gray and it looked like it was going to rain, rain was forecasted and that may have been the reason that some of the Invitees did not come, just before we reached the border we had a few raindrops on the windshield, but as we arrived in TECATE the sun started coming out and we had plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day.

      The Busses arrived in Tecate around 10 am, and passengers had 1& 1/2 hour, to tour the Brewery and test the beer.

    The participants of the Tianguis Tecate 2003 reboarded the buses for a 1hr 15 min drive to Rancho Santa Veronica were guest had the opportunity to visit the booths of tourism destinations in the State of Baja California, Gastronomic displays by top restaurants and enjoyed the entertainment

    At 5:30 PM the busse left for Tijuana and for the Santa Fee Depot in San Diego, crossing the border in Otay Mesa with hardly any waiting.

    All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

    Events are subject to change. Please confirm with organizer.


    T e c a t e
    Founded on October 12, 1892, Elevation 1690 ft
    The Capitol of the "Municipo" Tecate.
    Population: 51,557, Income: Industry, (beer brewery, car parts), Tourism

    It was founded on October 12, 1892, and it has the look of a typical mexican village, with its square tranquil tree-shaded plaza in the center of the city. It has a comfortable weather, lots of water and fertile soils. Tecate has a population of 51,557 inhabitants. It has magnificent places that are worth seeing.
    Tecate is a border town that does not have the look or feel of a border town, but rather resembles a small village in the central part of Mexico and sits in a bowl-shaped valley surrounded by rocky hills, the city has hot, dry summers and cool winters with ocasional frost.
    The town came into being due to its abundant water and fertile soil. Farmers and ranchers settled in the area and turned it into a productive farm market center whose primarily yields were olives, grapes and grain. At the same time, Tecate was developing into an industrial area, primarily for the processing of coffee and beer making.
    A railroad was build to connected San Diego and Tecate Mexico and today you can again see the train rolling but only as a tourist attraction, it runs occasionally from San Diego to Tecate and back.
    Tecate Mexico, as a developing industrial border city, gradually gained  international recognition brought about by the sudden popularity of the Tecate Beer, manufactured by Cuauhtemoc Brewery. Each year, thousands of people from across the border and from within toured the the town and marveled at its beer making plant.
    The symbol that best represents Tecate is the "Chuchuma" mountain, also known locally as the "holy mountain." The place is great for nature lovers. The mountain is lush with greenery and wildflowers, as well as dramatic landscapes populated by an abundant birdlife.
    It is famous for its industries of wine and beer. Among its more important festivities we can mention:
    The Vendimia's party, celebrated the first Sunday of July, with a: popular party and parade of floats, music , regional dances and many other attractions. 
    Another important party with processions in honor of the Virgen de Guadalupe, is celebrated in December 12th with: music , popular and regional dances and Charros (Mexican horsemen) shows. 
    The city of Tecate is home to the famous Rancho La Puerta and Rancho Tecate Resort, a spa that has gained international fame for its revitalizing treatment, as well as healthy outdoor activities. 
    Rancho Tecate has a spectacular golf course surrounded by breath-taking mountains just outside town. Other tourist attractions include picnic areas andwater parks, where visitors can enjoy Tecate's unique beauty. 
    To the east of town "Santa Veronica" offers cabins, swimming pools, tennis courts and the only off-road raceway for different types of vehicles. If a scenic drive appeals to you then highway 3 will take you through the wine country of the "Guadalupe Valley" which produces the grapes for some of the finest wines in Mexico.

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    Camping, RVing, Tecate has a  KOA Campground with a Ranch club house and mini market on the property. Activities range from horseback riding, volleyball,  hiking, horseshoes and nearby golf. Just 13 miles east of Tecate, BC Mexico on Highway 2 is Rancho Ojai
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    Interesting local sites
    "The Plaza", PARQUE HIDALGO On Avenida Juárez and Calle Ortiz Rubino. The town plaza is an attractive retreat. An impressive momument to Benito Juárez is located at the norteast corner of the park. 
    La Rumorosa. This is a village, 41 miles east of Tecate,  and a geological zone, 4300 feet above sea level, with huge rock formation that provide incredible views where visitors can hear the whisper of the wind.
    "El Vallecito" Museum. There are in this place different rupestrian paintings, emphasizing one in special called " El Diablito" (Small Devil).
    There is also the Summer Government Center from the time of former governor Braulio Maldonado. Handicrafts are made in this place such as blown glass, clay, quarry, papier mache and wooden works.
    Guadalupe Canyon Hotsprings, Sizzling hot water bubbles from the Earth, feeding lush groves of native fan palms. Rock-rimmed hot tubs filled with sparkling-clear geothermal mineral water. Cascading waterfalls, ancient Indian caves and endless opportunities for hiking create a paradise in Baja's desert. Visit the remote palm oasis of Guadalupe Canyon and find yourself in a private paradise. Follow the links to discover more.
    Hidalgo park is another place to visit and is in the central square of the city where visitors can taste the famous Tecate bread.
    Cuauhtemoc Brewery Visitors can also tour through the Cuauhtemoc Brewery were the TECATE beer is brewed, one of the biggest in the country. Tours are given on Saturday mornings. Beergarden open Tues. - Sat. 10 a.m.to 5 p.m.
    Santa Veronica, just east of town, offers cabins, swimming pools and tennis courts, plus the only off-road raceway. 
    Tecate's fair is celebrated every year on the month of July.
    Rancho la Puerta, This is the absolute truth: Rancho La Puerta is heaven on earth. It will save your life, make you young again, transform your round-shouldered walk into cartwheels, and make you beautiful, brilliant, rich, successful and fulfilled...
    San Jose Ranch.. Tecate has a full structure for family tourism, in spite of its size. Visitors should not forget to visit the rupestrian painting from San Jose Ranch.

    Wineries, No visit to Tecate is complete without touring at least one of the wineries in the surrounding area. Although some wineries offer scheduled tours and wine tastings, others open by appointment only. Be sure to plan accordingly. A Wine Tasting Tour A One-Day Bus-Rail Adventure presented by the SAN DIEGO RAILROAD MUSEUM leaves once a month from San Diego.

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    Recreation, There's lots to do in Tecate.  As an example . . .
    BIKES  The TECATE to - ENSENADA 50 MILE BIKE RIDE is one very fun event! This annual collection of fun-seekers really turns Tecate on full volume! This anual event starts in Tecate, then heads south on Hwy.3 . The road heads inland, and then UP!. The last 15 miles are generally a downhill cruise, and the party in Ensenada afterwards is not to be missed!

    HIKING There are several hiking options in the Tecate area. . 

    HORSEBACK RIDING  Horses are available for rent in Rancho OJAI and at the KOA campground as well as just south of town, right off of the road. Bring a pocket of carrots. Some of these steeds look a bit hungry! 

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    Restaurants - Bars
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    Shopping,  If you are looking for a lot of shopping in a concentrated area, just park your car near the town Plaza. There are plenty of shops here, all within walking distance of each other! More and more shops are accepting credit cards, and they love U.S. dollars.
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    Transportation,  Tecate has Bus service with Tijuana, Mexicali and Ensenada and occasional Railroad service with San Diego.


    Visitors headed to Tecate by land have 3 options crossing the border. You can  cross into Mexico at the San Ysidro or Otai crossing and that take the toll road 2D or Mex Hwy.2 from Tijuana to Tecate, about 22 miles from Otai. 
    Another possibility is from either east or west, to take Hwy. 94 to Hwy. 188 south
    Or just take the San Diego Railroad from the city of Campo, California into Tecate.

    Visitors headed to Tecate via Tijuana by car have TWO OPTIONS when crossing the border. All two are relatively easy, and crossing the "busiest international border crossing on Earth" is usually a snap. For going to TECATE it is best to use the OTAI crossing.

    DRIVING ACROSS THE BORDER  Each day zillions of cars head south on California's Interstate 5 and cross the border into Baja, Mexico. As the freeway nears the border, the 4 lanes magically become 8 lanes, and each vehicle must come to a complete stop at the Custom's check point. If the alternating Custom's signal light turns GREEN after you stop, you may proceed (Passe). Welcome to Baja! If the alternating light turns RED (Alto), you will be directed to the covered secondary inspection area one hundred feet to your right. The same goes for the Tecate Check point which is open from 6am to midnight and Otai from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. only while San Ysidro is open 24 hrs. Assuming you are not carrying guns, drugs, or fruit, your stay at the secondary inspection station should be short. Then you will merge back into the busy traffic headed into Baja! If you are headed for Tecate, follow the signs to Mexicali via Hwy. 2  or the GREEN signs with the white arrows towards "Scenic Road - Mexicali" (Toll road). 

    CROSSING THE BORDER, MEXICO TO THE UNITED STATES  Okay, you've had your fun in Baja. It's time to head back across the border to the U.S. if you cross in Tecate it is very easy, there are almost no pileups at the crossing except at the time people go to work in the US or on Holidays, Border wait times

    If you decide to go via Tijuana, one problem...all of the other Gringos who have been playing in Baja, along with a whole bunch of Mexicans who are legally headed for a brief visit to the States, are joining you for the border crossing. On any given day, tens of thousands of cars and individuals line up to cross this boundry line. Is there any way to minimize the stay in line? As a matter of fact, there is! Award winning writer and Baja aficianado PAULA MC DONALD has done the homework, and put pen to paper, in an effort to help you get through the border as quickly as possible. Take a peak at her BORDER ESCAPE PLAN before you get in line! Better yet, buy her great book CROSSING THE BORDER FAST AND EASY! It is stuffed full of great information on all aspects of "Borderland"!  Tijuana/Otay Border wait times

    What is it that brings us back to Mexico?
    by Summer
    When you meet a person for the first time, there are a few things that create that first impression. It's the same when you travel to Mexico.
    The Eyes
    Such an devine design.... They tell a whole story in an unspoken exchange. The eyes of Mexico are deep and broad, yet old and wise. These eyes have seen more history than can be told in a book. Even in our imaginations we can't begin to travel where Mexico has been.
    The Smile
    How a person smiles or if they smile at all can unravel their own story....People sometimes hide behind a smile, not realizing we see through the disguise. Mexico doesn't hide behind it's steadfast smile. It is there for the taking. We receive smile after smile, everyday of our visit. Even in the face of adversity, we can depend on Mexico to give us the gift of a warm smile. And we respond with our hearts.
    The Voice
    Is it high pitched? Is it deep and rough? A voice can be a cruel joke, not matching the landscape.....For me, the voice of Mexico is a warm whisper that can't be heard. It is something you feel inside. It is a silent sensation that speaks of heritage, simplicity and rich colors. We experience an endless season of celebrations through this whisper. I fell in love with the voice of Mexico many years ago. This love grows stronger with each visit.
    Something Else.
    Put the eyes, the smile and the voice in a bookmark for a moment. There is something else that keeps calling us back. Is it the scenery and the recreation we experience? Of course, but even that isn't it. It's the one thing that keeps Mexico stranded in our minds for endless hours....
    The pace of Mexico gives us permission to live each day, one at a time.
    We don't have this privilege in our everyday lives. We are far too busy preparing for the next step, the next meal, the next day. We are not happy unless we are predicting tomorrows problems and preparing for every possible disaster that may fall in our path. We spend our life preparing for life but we are far too busy being "productive" to live it. When you wake up in Mexico the pace will greet you and it will remind you. At breakfast you'll be enjoying the morning, not worrying about the afternoon. At lunch, you will simply enjoy the afternoon. There is no need to worry about dinner. It will arrive. If you need to look at your watch to be reminded go ahead, but why bother? Evening will arrive without a clock and you will often find that you are still enjoying the afternoon when it does.
    The pace of Mexico is what draws us back year after year. If you don't take the time to savor it you just might return home with the wrong impression.
    reprint from the Cancun Net
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