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KOA  ROSARITO  ,Tel. 011-52 (664) 613-3305 * 7.5 miles south of the Tijuana Toll Gate, San Antonio exit. U.S. mailing address: P.O. Box 430513, San Ysidro, California, 92143, U.S.A. Mexico mailing address: Apardo Postal 2082, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. 40 sites / water / hot showers / laundry / dump station / small store / evening secured.

Oasis RV Resort  & Hotel Suites   Hwy 1d Rosarito, BC,  Telephone: (661) 3-3250 Sites: 55 Total, 55 with Water, Sewer & Elec, 55 have 30A Electrical Service Daily rates : $D 38.00 to $D 43.00 Directions : Hwy 1D - El Oasis Exit, Features: SaTV

Popotla Trailer Park Hwy 1 Rosarito, BC,  Telephone: (661) 2-15-02 Sites: 177 Total, 35 with Water, Sewer & Elec Daily rates : $D 14.00 to $D 14.00 Directions : Hwy 1 S of town  Features: SaTV

Hotels, Motels
CAMINO REAL Telephone 011-52 (664) 633-4000 * Avenida Paseo de los Hereos # 10305. 250 rooms / suites / TV / pool / 1,300 seat ballroom / restaurant / bars / deli.

GRAND HOTEL TIJUANA Next to the Campestre Golf Course at Agua Caliente #4500. 422 rooms / TV / pool / tennis / restaurants / coffee shop / bar / gym / golf.

HOTEL CORONA PLAZA Telephone 011-52 (664) 681-8183 * Blvd. Agua Caliente #1426 TV / pool / restaurant / bar / disco / Jacuzzi / conference.

HOTEL COUNTRY CLUB, Tel. 1-800-346-3942, 104 comfortable rooms and 31 deluxe equipped suites, Blvd. Agua Caliente y Tapachula # 1 Col. Hipódromo Tijuana, B.C. México C.P. 22420

HOTEL HACIENDA del RIO, Tel. 1-800-346-3942,  126 luxury rooms and 5 suites , Blvd. Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada #10606 Zona Río. Tijuana, B.C. México C.P. 22320

HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS Telephone 011-52 (664) 634-6901 or (800) 465-4329 * Avenida Paseo de los Hereos. 140 rooms / suites / pool / whirlpool / sauna / exercise room coffee shop.

HOLIDAY INN PUEBLO AMIGO Telephone 011-52 (664) 683-5030) * Via Oriente #9211, Zona Rio. 108 rooms / TV / pool / gift shop / exercise room.

HOTEL LA MESA INN Telephone 1-800-346-3942 * Blvd. Diaz Ordaz Esq. at Cardenias #50. Good lodging, inexpensive.  126 luxury rooms and 5 suites .

HOTEL LA VILLA DE ZARAGOZA Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-1832 * Fax 011-52 (664) 685-1837. Specializing in tourists from out of the country.

HOTEL LUCERNA Telephone (800) LUCERNA * 011-52 (664) 634-2000 * Fax 011-52 (664) 634-2400. Affordable hotel with clean rooms. Service oriented.

PLAZA LAS GLORIAS Telephone (800) 342-2644 * Blvd. Agua Caliente #1. 200 rooms / pool / tennis / golf / Jacuzzi / restaurant / bar.

REAL DEL MAR (Marriott) 1-800-346-3942, 76 suites that combine the tranquile ambient of Real del Mar and the hospitality of Marriott. Resort, Golf Club, and Spa, KM 19 1/2 at the Ensenada "scenic" Toll Road just before Rosarito / pool / tennis / golf / Jacuzzi / restaurant / bar. Click for map

REAL DEL RIO Telephone, (664) 634-3100 , 1-877-517-6479, José Ma. Velasco 1409 Zona del Río. Just two minutes from the border, it is within walking distance to many of Tijuana's most popular attractions

Guesthouses, Ranchos
YOUTH HOSTEL Tel. 011-52 (664) 684-7510 * Via Oriente at Avenida Padre Kino. A very inexpensive place to stay offering just the basics.
Bar's, Restaurants ; see also Hotels

BABY ROCK DISCOTECATel. 011-52 (664) 634-2404 * Diego Rivera #1482, Zona Rio.

MARGARITA'S VILLAGE Tel. 011-52 (664) 685-3862 * Avenida Revolucion #702 and 1020, Viva Tijuana 1104.

LAS PULGAS VIDEO BAR Tel. 011-52 (664) 688-1368 * Avenida Revolucion #1127, downtown.

SENIOR FROG'S Tel. 011-52 (664) 682-4964 * Via Oriente #60, Local 4.

TIA JUANA TILLY'S Tel. 011-52 (664) 685-1612 * Calle 7a and Avenida Revolucion.

CAESAR'S RESTAURANT Tel. 011-52 (664) 688-2794 * Avenida Revolucion at Calle 5a. Variety. Try the famous salad!

CIEN AÑOS, Cien Años is a unique dining experience featuring oustanding haute Mexican cuisine, wonderful atmosphere, and a convenient to the border location. This one is a winner!

LA COSTA Tel. 011-52 (664) 685-3124 * Calle 7ta #8131, downtown. Good seafood!

LA PALAPA No phone * On the beach! Take the Playa Tijuana offramp to the ocean. Seafood, variety, great view.

SENIOR FROG'S Tel. 011-52 (664) 682-4962 * Via Oriente #60, Centro Pueblo Amigo. A little bit of everything, good atmosphere.

TIA JUANA TILLY'S Tel. 011-52 (664) 685-9015 * Avenida Revolucion #1109, downtown.Similar to Senior Frog's, good location.

HARD ROCK CAFE Tel. 011-52 (664) 685-2513 * Avenida Revolucion #520, downtown. Younger, noisier crowd, good food.

A Roundup of the Spots Loved by Locals
By Paula McDonald
            In a city of fickle, "love 'em and leave 'em" local gourmets, these are the restaurants that have survived years, often decades, of tough competition. From French to Spanish to Argentinean, from traditional Mexican feasts to authentic, pre-Columbian cuisine, these easy-to-find favorites are all within minutes of the border by cab or car. Most open at noon; some are closed one day a week. Call first, then enjoy food you won't easily find in California.

VICTOR'S: Where Tijuana's power-lunch crowd dines . almost daily . and has for 41 years. Absolutely the best carne asada and Caesar salad in the city that invented Caesar salad. Blvd. Sanchez Taboada at Juaquin Clausell Street, Zona Rio. 011 52(664) 6343355.

GYPSY'S: Funky Dali-esque decor, authentic Catalan-style Spanish tapas and paella that's perfect every time. With 30 exotic, hot and cold appetizers . plus entrees . choosing is a happy trial. Don't miss the Catalan cream dessert. Pueblo Amigo Center, Zona Rio. 011-52(664) 6836006.

TOUR DE FRANCE: Inviting gardens and fabulous French delights, from butter-browned filets, served in a sauce of escargot, garlic and cream, to white-chocolate gateau.  Gobernador Ibarra #252 (the Rosarito "Old Road," two blocks south of Blvd. Agua Caliente). 011-52(664) 6817542.

RESTAURANTE ARGENTINO DE TONY: Argentinean-style in Mexico means MEAT! Prime and plenty of it: juicy slabs of steak, lamb chops the size of paver bricks, unusual mixed grills and a house specialty called calf-breaded steak. Great value. Pueblo Amigo Center, Zona Rio. 011-52(664) 6828111.

GUADALAJARA BAR AND GRILL:A Mexican-village atmosphere, upbeat, fun and with good food to boot. Great fajitas. Av. Paseo de los Heroes, at the Abraham Lincoln statue, Zona Rio. 011-52(664) 6343065.

LA TABERNA ESPANOLA: A very Spanish taverna with terrific bread and dozens of small, saucy tapas dishes to dip it in. Everybody's favorite: the mushrooms in garlic sauce. Don't miss the little lobster croquettes either. Plaza Fiesta, Zona Rio. 011-52(664) 6847562.

ORTEGA'S: This longtime coastal favorite, famous for its Mexican and seafood specialties, recently opened in Tijuana and boasts the city's biggest and best brunch, lunch and dinner buffets. Av. Paseo de los Heroes, just past the Indian statues, Zona Rio. 011-52(664) 6343655.

BEST AVENIDA REVOLUCION CHOICES FOR SHOPPERS: Although the avenue is dotted with eateries and fast-food joints, only the following restaurants, all found between Third and Eighth Streets, are really recommended: La Especial, La Placita, Chiki Jai, Circa Barcelona (next to the Jai Alai palace), La Costa on Seventh, just off Revolucion, and Sanborn's at Eighth and Revolucion.

FAVORITES by: Paula McDonald
 BABY ROCK. The ever-popular disco with "shooter girls," dancers and lots of pyrotechnics. Blvd. Paseo de los Heroes and Av. Rio Tijuana at the Abraham Lincoln statue in the Zona Rio. 011-52(664) 6 342404.

CIEN AÑOS, Cien Años is a unique dining experience featuring oustanding haute Mexican cuisine, wonderful atmosphere, and a convenient to the border location. This one is a winner!

GRAND HOTEL TIJUANA. Dinner and dancing. Upscale and quiet. Blvd. Agua Caliente, just before the Tijuana Country Club. Look for the twin towers. 011-52(664) 6817000.

EL JARDIN. Fridays. Classic rock for dancing at Tijuana's Cultural Center. 9 p.m. Av. Paseo de los Heroes and Mina Street, Tijuana. 011-52(664) 6841111, Ext. 105.

EL LUGAR DEL NOPAL. Music and "happenings" for the salsa-cumbia- rock crowd most nights, with good, inexpensive food by day. The new "innie" art-space club is at Cinco de Mayo #1328 and Avenida F in downtown Tijuana. 011-52(664) 6852413

RODEO SANTA FE. Where else but Tijuana would you find a live, indoor rodeo at Midnight? Plus an all-nighter of Norteno dancing with disco lights, a pulsating sea of white vaquero hats, la quebradita, a mechanical bull and more at this enormous, three-level club, themed for the wild, "wild West." The city's hottest disco upstairs; live norten music downstairs. Late and packed on weekends. In the Pueblo Amigo shopping center on Av. Paseo Tijuana in the Zona Rio Look for the glowing purple and gold icicles on the roof. 011-52(664) 6824967.

SAFARI NIGHT CLUB  MTV Canned music, an international menu and upbeat atmosphere. We offer you the only sand volleyball court on Revolution street, as well as our new 2nd floor dance hall featuring alternative and house music by DJ's Bill and Alex on Fridays and Saturdays. Check it out!!

SENOR FROG'S. Canned music, an international menu and upbeat atmosphere in the Pueblo Amigo shopping center on Av. Paseo Tijuana in the Zona Rio 011-52(664) 6824958 or 011-52(664) 6824964.

YUPPIES SPORTS CAFE. Loud music, televised sports and food is what's always happening at this favorite for sports nuts. Av. Paseo de los Heroes at Diego Rivera in the Zona Rio. 011-52(664) 6 342227.


ACE Home Center, EXPOCASA SA de CV, Tel 011 52 (664) 6843688, 843150/52, Fax 844324. Km4  Carretera Libre a Rosarito S/N

AVENIDA REVOLUCION Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-5560 * Avenida Revolucion 1 though 10. A dozen blocks of shop 'till you drop! Both sides of Avenida Revolucion are chocked full of stores offering every product you can imagine! From hand crafted leather parrots to custom made dining room tables, this stretch of Tijuana is definately "shopping central". Need a short break to let your credit card cool off? Dozens of restaurants and bars are scattered between the various shops to help break up your day! If you love to shop, you gotta cruise Avenida Revolucion just once before moving on to the great beyond.

PLAZA RIO   Telephone 011-52 (664) 684-0402 * Paseo de los Heroes #96 and #98, Zona Rio. More shopping! For those who want to cut to the chase, shopping in Zona Rio is quick and easy. This is the first shopping area one encounters after crossing the border. Plenty of variety, good prices, but not much of the pazazz found on Avenida Revolucion. There are several restaurants mixed in to help you re-charge for the next round!

PLAZA FIESTA  Tel. 011-52 (664) 684-9934 * Paseo de los Heroes #1001, Zona Rio.

COSCO, Price Club,


Sears & Roebruck, Tel. 011 (52) (664) 6840203, 340320.Plaza Rio

SAM's Club, Tel. 011-52 (664) 634-6817 * Blvd. Sanchez Taboada 4002, Zona Rio. Sam Walton's selection and prices head south of the border.


Tijuana Tourist Terminal located in downtown Tijuana on Avenida Revolucion between 6th and 7th streets, more than 40 shops where you can find typical, hand-made merchandise, arts & crafts from all over Mexico.


Information, Emergency Service, Money

ATM Tellers

BORDER SHUTTLE  Look for us at  "On The Edge Parking" lot in front of "Jack in the Box".  Border shuttle will drop you off at the Tijuana Tourist Terminal in the heart of the shopping district and see what Mexico has to offer.

BANCOMER, Tel. (61) xxxxxx, open from to monday tp friday

BANAMEX, Tel. (61) xxxxxx, open from to monday tp friday

BUS TERMINAL, AUTOTRANSPORTES A.B.C. Tel. 011-52 (664) 683-5681 * Calzada Lazaro Cardenas at Rio Alamar, La Mesa. Click for schedule an prices.

BUS TERMINAL, AUTOTRANSPORTES DEL PACIFICO Tel. 011-52 (664) 621-2983 * Calzada Lazaro Cardenas at Rio Alamar, La Mesa.

BUS TERMINAL GRAYHOUND  or Tel.  (800) 231-2222 for fare and schedule information. Terminals in San Diego, at the Trolly in San Ysidro and at the Tijuana Central Bus Station at Calzada Lazaro Cardenas at Rio Alamar, La Mesa. There is no need to take a taxi from San Ysidro to the Tijuana Central Bus Station or vice versa. You will find Tijuana, Mx, as a Destination under California but not as a departure, The Bus  just turns around a few minutes later to go back to San Ysidro.

Celular: Baja-Celular Cellular Phone Service,Tel. 011 (52) (664) 684-85-20. Zona Río, Paseo de los Héroes 9116, coverage map for bajacelular

Celular: Telcel,  Cellular Phone Service. Tel. 011-(52)(664) 663-3300. Our regular rates are:Daily roming $ 3.00 Us, air time minute $ 0.90 Us

Hospital General, Tels: 684-0922. Ave. Centenario 3 10851, Zona del Río Tijuana B.C.

Hospital IMSS, Tels: 629-6342. Blvd. Agua Caliete y Fco. Sabria S/N, Aviación, Tijuana B.C.

Hospital ISSSTE, Tels: 681-4740 al 44. Blvd. Diaz Ordaz y Av. de las Palmas No.1, Las Palmas, Tijuana B.C.

Internet-Cafe,Cafe-Online,  Tels: 34-28-12, 34-28-81 y Fax 34-29-18. Blvd. Sánchez Taboada 4002 local # 11 Centro Comercial Minarete, Zona del Río Tijuana B.C.

MedLink Air Ambulance  Apartado Postal 68-A  Aeropuerto Internacional de Puerto Vallarta Estado de Jalisco, Mexico Tel: 4 hrs. MEXICO  01-800-305-9400, 01-800-361-1600 (toll free within Mexico) Tel: 1-888-554-9729 from the US.

MEXICOCHETel. 011-52 (664) 681-8454 * Blvd. Sanchez Taboada #10525. Shuttle bus from the end of the Trolly in San Ysidro to places in Tijuana. Our Service is only $2.00 US$ per person RT and offers shuttle service from Tijuana to Rosarito Beach for $6.00 RT, and  $2.00 RT to and from the Downtown Tijuana Bullring, $4.00 RT to and from the Bullring by the Sea. Departures every 15 minutes from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM 365 days a year.

Phone Directory for Mexico,ONLINE  Yellow Pages in Spanish and in English.

Post Office, Calle 11a at Avenida Negrete. Tel. (61)............., open from     to


RED CROSS, Tel. 132


STATE POLICE, Tel.825285 & 825286



Telefone,  TELNOR, Tel. 33-20-50. Plaza del Rio, Suite 6A, Paseode los Héroes #96. Calle 10a at Avenida Pio Pico.

Telegraph Office,


Turist aid,  Tel. 01-800-90-392

U.S.Consular Agent in Cabo San Lucas,  Telephone Tel: (624) 143-3566  Fax: (624) 143-6750. Office Hours: 10:00 - 12:00. Blvd. Marina y Pedregal #1 Office No. 3 Downtown Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Consular Agent: David Greenberg. E-mail.

U.S. CONSULATE (In Tijuana), Tel: 011-52-(664)681 7400. Tapachula 96, Col. Hipódromo 22420 Tijuana, B.C.N. Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Principal Officer: Nick Hahn .

U.S. EMBASSY (in Mexico D.F.)

Airport - Airtravel

AirportGral. Abellardo L. Rodriguez International Airport, Tel. 011-52 (664) 683-2418.

AEROMEXICO Tel. 011-52 (664) 685-4401 and (800-237-6639).

MEXICANA AIRLINES Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-7879 and (800) 531-7923 * Diego Rivera #1811, Enificio Fontana.

AEROCALIFORNIA Telephone 011-52 (664) 681-7211 and (800) 237-6225 * Paseo de los Heroes.

Shuttle Service between San Diego and Tijuana Airport.

Municipal Bus and Trolley, You can take the Bus, Line 932 and transfer to the Trolley to San Ysidro, cross the Border by foot and than get a Taxi for $8 to the Airport.

Presidental Limosine, Tel. 1-800-708-7009. in San Diego, at this time the only Door to Door service across the Border.

Xpress Shuttle, Tel 1-800-900-7433. Will bring you  to the Otai Mesa Border crossing  ( cost, $28 for 1 or 2 persons) you have to cross the border by foot and than take a Taxi to the Tijuana Airport in Otai Mesa. A pickup service for returning travelers is also available for the same price. They are working on getting a permit to work Port to Port. San Diego is planing to maybe put a new Airport on this site of the border next to the Tijuana Airport for easy transition of passengers.

Attorneys, Notarys

Baker & McKenzie Abogados, S.C. Tel: (664) 633-4300,Fax: (52-66) 33-4399. Blvd. Agua Caliente no. 10611 - 1st. Floor, Edificio Centura. US  Postal Address: P.O. Box 1205, Chula Vista, California 91912.

Bufete Cuellar Abundiz S.C. -Tel: 66- 80-1635, 81-3949  Attorneys in Tijuana,  Our Law Firm started operations in the city of Tijuana, Baja California in 1988. Due to the growth achieved in the succeeding years, a Civil Corporation was formed in 1995.

Lic. Manuel Gonzalez Barraza,Ensenada. B.C.Tel. 011-52-(61)-76-55-08, English spoken. Specializing in real estate, contracts, trusts, immigration, investment affairs and corporations.  Beeper  011-52 (61) 75-02-72 . E-mail

Lic. Miguel Angel Izquirdo y V., LA PAZ, B.C.S. Tel./Fax (112) 3-18-44, English spoken. Specializing in real estate, contracts, trusts, immigration and corporations. Corredor publico Numero uno. BLVD. 5 DE FEBRERO No. 495 Suite No. 10, 2nd floor, COL. PUEBLO NUEVO.

Car parts, rentals

AVIS RENT-A-CAR Tel. 011-52 (664) 686-3718 or (800) 331-1084 * Agua Caliente #5310.

CABAJA, Rentals in the Uniteds States and to Mexico available. Not just the Border-Towns, anywhere in Baja Mexico! !!  Out of San Diego.


BUDGET RENT-A-CAR Tel. 011-52 (664) 634-3303 or (800) 472-3325 * Paseo de los Heroes #9988.

DOLLAR RENT-A-CAR Tel. 011-52 (664) 681-8484 or (800) 800-4000 * Blvd. Sanchez Taboada #10525.

HERTZ RENT-A-CAR Tel. 011-52 (664) 683-2080 or (800) 654-3001 * Blvd. Agua Caliente #3402.

Colleges, Schools & Universities

Colegio Aleman Cuauhtemoc, Tel.011 (52) (664) 681-0379. Hank A.C., DF:Ave Americanas # 12A.

Colegio de Idiomas de Baja CaliforniaTel.011-52-61-74-5688. Spanish Immersion Training. Barcelona y Belgrado #191 Fracc. Chapultepec. Ensenada, Baja, Mexico.

Colegio Villa Infantil  Tel 011 (52) (664) 689-2494. Kindergarten, trainng in english and computers avaible. Anteres #580, Fracc. Moreno, 2a. Secc. La Mesa.


Rancho La Bufadora, Tel. 011-52 (615)-4-20-92, Mexico 01 (615)-420-92. Dales La Bufadora Dive has been at providing guided trips, air and other supplies for divers & fishermen for twenty years. For further information, reservations or water conditions call DALE Between 5 PM and 9 PM DAILY.Email Us!

Doctors & Pharmacies

Dr. Enrique Carrasco Morales, Dentist, Tel. 011 (52) (664) 6882437. Calle 7a No. 8058 between Constitutcion and N. Heroes

Dr. Luis Casavantes - Dermatology Clinic  - Davis Alfaro Siqueiros 25-305 Zona Rio, Tijuana B.C. (664) 634-2594 Pager (619) 912-7838

Dismundi Pruebas antidoping.

Dr. Julio A. Saldaña A. - Plastic Surgery Clinic - Davis Alfaro Siqueiros 25-405 Zona Rio, Tijuana B.C. (664) 634-2208 fax (664) 634-2432

Dr. Antonio Méndez Eye Clinic  - Paseo de los Héroes 9365 C.P. 22320Tel. + 52 (664)68 84 -9537  FAX  + (664) 684-9538

Dr. Gastón de la Garza  1-800-GARDEL4

MedLink Air Ambulance  Apartado Postal 68-A  Aeropuerto Internacional de Puerto Vallarta Estado de Jalisco, Mexico Tel: 91-800-930-2600 (toll free within Mexico) Tel: (322) 1-2200 and (322) 1-2201 Fax: (322) 1-0075

Dra. Gina Garduño Valadez - OFTALMOLOGIA PEDIATRICA. Central Médica de Esoacialistas. Blvd. Agua Caliente 1844-303 Tijuana B.C. Tel. (664) 684-7780

Dr. Arturo González M Blvd. Sánchez Taboada 10102, Suite 7 & 8,  Zona Río, C.P. 22320. Tijuana, B.C. México. Tel. 011-52-(664) 634-1626FAX: 01152- (664) 634-0393

Gala A New Presence Dr. Ricardo Eng Della RoccaBlvd. Agua Caliente No. 4558-nivel C2, Centro Medico No. 2, Consulotrio No. 1, Tijuana, B.C. México. From the United States Call: 011 52 6 686-5848 AND 0115266-81-8619

Drugs, Medicine

The Medicine Store, Pharmacy, Jack Veinbergs Marketing Mgr. Ave. Revolucion # 943, between 3rd and 4th Streets Tijuana, BC Mexico CP 22000 Phone: 011-52 (664) 688-3535 Fax: 011-52 (664) 685-1448, will ship to the US, read there web-site, charges S&H. Still much cheaper than the U.S. Ask for Jack.

Farmacia  Alexa, Tel.011-52(664) 685-2777. Ave Revolucion 1051, corner Calle 7A.

Framacia Cochita, Tel. 011 (52) (664) 682-9311,

Farmacia PAYLESS Drugs Store, Tel 011 (52) (664) 683-1795. Centro Commercial Viva Tijuana

The Drug Store, Tel. 011 (52) (664) 682-8664. Shopping Center 1304 Viva Tijuana.

Online Pharmacy,

The Medicine Man, Tel. 011 (52) (664) 685-7343. 613 Negrete Ave corner 1st Street.

Sara Imports, Tel. 011 (52) (664) 688-0488. Corner 4th and Av. Revolucion.

Importaciones Renee, Tel. 011 (52) (664) 685-5155, Fax 882014. 910 Av. Revolucion.

Farmacias D'Lux, Tel. 011 (52) (664) 688-1090. ask for Javier Telles


ENSENADA SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Tel: 011-52-(61) 78 2185, 2630 E Beyer Blvd. #676, San Ysidro, CA 92145.

ORTEZ YACHT CHARTERS ,Tel. (619) 469-4255 * San Diego. Fishing packages to Corodado Islands, Guadeloupe Island, short and long trips.

FISHERMAN'S LANDING Tel. (619) 221-8500 * 2838 Garrison Street, San Diego, California 92106. Fleet of over a dozen privately owned and operated fishing vessels from 57 to 124 ft.

H & M LANDING Tel. (619) 222-1144 * 2803 Emerson Street, San Diego, California 92106. Sports fishing charters to the Coronado Islands and local Mexican waters.


CLUB SOCIAL AND DEPORTIVO CAMPESTRE Telephone 011-52 (664) 681-7855 * (Tijuana Country Club) Agua Caliente #1131. Entrance next/and from the Grand Hotel, 18 holes / par 72 / 6,500 yards / clubhouse / carts / golf shop / restaurant / bar. Click for location map

REAL DEL MAR Telephone 011-52 (664) 613-3401 * Main coastal highway at Km. 18 offramp. 18 holes / par 72 / 5949 yards / carts / golf shop / driving range / restaurant / bar. Click for location map

Bajamar Oceanfront Golf Resort, Tel. (61) 55-0152. 21 miles north of Ensenada, off Hwy. 1D at the Jatay exit. Fees include mandatory golf carts: Mon. through Thu. US$ 45; Fri. through Sun. US$ 55. The course is 18 holes. Par 71, 4696 yards, 115 slope, 69.0 rating.

Baja Country Club, (Semi-private); Tel. (61) 73-0303. 9 miles south of Ensenada via Hwy. 1, then 1 mi east. The course is 18 holes. Par 72, 6820 yards, 119 slope, N/A rating.

Cristina Sosa Tel./Fax 011 (526) 638 8324. US Liability Car Insurance for US$ 175.00 a year for those who have a permanent residence in Baja. Click for more also all kind of Car, Boat, House etc. Insurance.

 Cafe-Online,  Tels: 34-28-12, 34-28-81 y Fax 34-29-18. Blvd. Sánchez Taboada 4002 local # 11 Centro Comercial Minarete, Zona del Río Tijuana B.C. Open:Mo-Sa, 9am-9pm, Su, noon-6pm. E-mail

ICA-NET, Tel. 011 (52) (664) 6347200, FAX 011 52 (664) 684-83-05, ISP, Av. Misión San Diego # 2937 Suite 203/204 Zona del Rio, Tijuana, B.C. México. C.P. 22320. E-mail

Tel-Nor-Net, Tel. 01 800 025 25 25, ISP. Tel. 33-20-50. Plaza del Rio, Suite 6A, Paseode los Héroes #96. For rates, access numbers and more click here.

REAL ESTATE, Architects, Builders

Classifieds  , houses, lots & ranches, rent, sale or lease.

BIENES RAICES PLAYAS Tel. 011-52 (663) 80-2661 * Fax 011-52 (663) 80-2138. Paseo Playas de Tijuana #1328, Playas de Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Jorge Hickie Del Moral.

BIENES RAICES RIO Tel. 011-52 (663) 8-4-2748.  Paseo de los Heroes #10001-6 G, Plaza Fiesta, Zona Rio, Tijuana, Mexico, 22230.

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BORDER SHUTTLE, the easy and inexpensive way to get to downtown Tijuna

BUS TERMINAL GRAYHOUND  Tel.  (800) 231-2222 for fare and schedule information. Terminals in San Diego, at the Trolly in San Ysidro and at the Tijuana Central Bus Station at Calzada Lazaro Cardenas at Rio Alamar, La Mesa.

CALIENTE JAI ALAI(Faaastest game in the world!) Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-2524 * Avenida Revolucion at Calle 8. It's the biggest building on the can't miss it! $2.50 U.S. per person, closed Sundays.

CENTRO CULTURAL TIJUANA (Cultural Center) Telephone 011-52 (664) 684-1111 * Paseo de los Heroes at Mina, Zona Rio. Right next to the Omnimax Theater. Open daily 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

CHARREADA (Rodeo) Telephone 011-52 (664) 680-4185 * Lienzo Charro and Avenida Braulio Maldonado.

CORRIDAS DE TOROS (Bullfights) Two locations: Telephone 011-52 (664) 686-1510 * Toreo de Tijuana at Agua Caliente. Telephone 011-52 (664) 680-1808 * Plaza Monumental at Playa de Tijuana.

EL BEISBOL (Baseball) Tel. 011-52 (664) 625-1056 * Blvd. Los Insurgentes near Otay Mesa.

HIPODROMO de Agua Caliente, near US Consulate, Agua Caliente Blvd. 12027, Telephone 011-52 (664) 633-7300.

HIPODROMO CALIENTE (Greyhound racing) Telephone 011-52 (664) 681-7811 * Agua Caliente Blvd. at Tapachula 12027, downtown.

MEXITLAN (Cultural exhibit) Telephone 011-52 (664) 638-4101 * Avenida Benito Juarez #8901. Located just in from the border. If you are crossing the border on foot, hang a left after crossing the river bridge. Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

MUNDO DIVERTIDO (Amusement park) Telephone 011-52 (664) 688-2478 * Paseo de los Heroes at Jose Ma. Velazco.

MUSEO DE CERA DE TIJUANA(Wax museum) Telephone 011-52 (664) 688-2478 * Calle 1ra #8281 at Avenida Madero, downtown. Just a block down from Avenida Revolucion at 1st Street. $1 U.S. entrance under 6 free!

OMIN-MAX THEATRE Telephone 011-52 (664) 684-1111. Located on Avenida De Los Heroes at Mina Street, just east of Avenida Revolucion at the north end. Always an exciting show on the huge screen!

AVISTAMIENTO DE BALLENAS(Whale watch) Tel. 011-52 (664) 678-7192 Whale watching tours from December through March.

WINE TASTING Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-3031 * Fax 011-52 (664) 685-3552. Canon Johnson #8151, Esq. Avenida Constitucion Sur, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 22130. Mailing address: Post Office Box 434260, San Ysidro, California, 92143-4260.

BAJA CALIFORNINA TOURS Telephone (619) 454-71(664) 6* Fax (619) 454-2703. E-mail:  Custom tours to Tijuana from San Diego. Packages include transportation, hotel accommodations and shopping.

ENLACES TERRESTRES PENINSULARES Tel. 011-52 (664) 688-3262 * Local 12, Esq. Calle Ocampo.

MEXICOCHETel. 011-52 (664) 681-8454 * Blvd. Sanchez Taboada #10525. Shuttle bus from the end of the Trolly in San Ysidro to places in Tijuana. Our Service is only $2.00 US$ per person RT and offers shuttle service from Tijuana to Rosarito Beach for $6.00 RT, and  $2.00 RT to and from the Downtown Tijuana Bullring, $4.00 RT to and from the Bullring by the Sea. Departures every 15 minutes from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM 365 days a year.

Tillies, Tel. (646) 176-1901 & 76-4070, Your specialist and consultant in Ensenada for: tours, fishing trips, special events planning, information conventions, weddings, etc. etc. etc. For Reservation and information e-mail: Ms. Tillie Foster, Hotel San Nicolas

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