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    Location & Road map
    Became very popular in the sixties to the early seventies as a playground for the rich and famous. At one time it even had a long pier for boats to tie up. It was a very favorite place for John Wayn, the setting itself challenges any visitor to this remote point jutting into the Sea of Cortez to come up with another spot offering so much natural beauty and ambiance. 
    Beaches Miles of Sand beaches to the SW of the point invite shelling while extensive tide pools and rocky reefs teeming with the vivid colors of tropical fish beg beachcombers and snorkelers alike to come and explore. Access to Shell Beach has been greatly improved by the new road (see map).
    Campgrounds The Campground next to the Hotel is presently open for a fee of $10 / day, improvements are being made, new roofs being installed at the showers and a new waterline has been put in. There are also planes to build a restaurant later by the same group that is building on now next to the Airstrip. It does not look that it will be closed permanently later..There is no gate but one may be installed soon. The latest news is that the campground may stay open. No other development is presently planned at the beach east of the Hotel. An RV Park and campsites will be available at shell beach soon. We will try to keep you posted of any future developments, just check back often.

    Golf There is a 9 hole dessert golf course for the once who can not be without one.

    Hotels:The Punta Chivato Hotel has recently been sold to the owners of the Posada de las Flores Hotel from Loreto. It has become a 5 Star special Category Hotel. The new name is Posada de las Flores Hotel Pt. Chivato. Planes are to have groups from Europa fly in to the Loreto Hotel, stay there 3 days and than 4 days in Pt Chivato. The Hotel overlooks the Bay of Conception and offers breathtaking views of miles of deserted beaches and rugged mountains. No matter what the wind is doing, the fun keeps going with mountain bikes, sea kayaks, volleyball, snorkeling, desert golf and fishing charters.

    Real Estate Pt Chivato has several houses, almost all use Solar power for electricity and heating. There are about 3 water wells in the vicinity. It used to be ejido land but has recently been divided into parcels and TITLE has been given to the ejido members. Many large parcels for development or investments and many lots with nice white sandy beaches are now for sale. click for info

    Restaurants The Restaurant and Bar at the Hotel is open at this time. Raul Lujan and the Campbells are building a new restaurant west of the runway.  They are calling it the Pilots Club Steak House, and expect to open by September. Construction is proceeding quickly. They also have plans to initially build palapa style units nearby for overnight accomodation. Sr. Lujan said that they will also build a second   restaurant specializing in seafood on the point northeast of the camping beach. The design will be similar to the Steak House.  Construction will begin this year.
    Shopping, there is a small tienda at the west side of the Hotel. More serious shopping has to be done in Mulege or Santa Rosalia

    Transportation  A graded airstrip attracts private planes but aviation fuel is not available. 

    The turn-off to Punta Chivato is at Kilometer 156 off Highway 1 between Santa Rosalia and Mulegé, then 20 kilometers by graded road to the Point. Location & Road map

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